We provide full virtual concierge system for homes, buildings & communities.

ConnectLuxe is a virtual concierge system designed for Homes, Buildings & Communities. ConnectLuxe™ provides a resident the ability to reserve amenities available, connect with the management, update their contact information, review and download meeting notes, rules & regulations and search for approved experts and businesses within the community.

ConnectLuxe™ creates a simple to use, safe and secure community website, accessible 24/7/365 days from your computer, cell phone or tablet and also include a FREE mobile app for the community.

What Makes
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ConnectLuxe - Luxury Virtual Concierge For Homes, Buildings & Communities

ConnectLuxe™ is a dedicated full service virtual concierge system for your home or community accessible via your computer, tablet or cell phone.

Accessible 24/7

High Level

Dedicated Support

Why Choose Us

ConnectLuxe™ Virtual Concierge System allows homeowners, communities, and businesses the ability to have VIP Concierge Services accessible 24/7/365 days a year.


ConnectLuxe™ can scale for small to very large communities.


Data and user profiles in high level security cloud-based system.


ConnectLuxe™ gives training & ongoing maintenance.


ConnectLuxe™ concierge tools and amenities can be customized.

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ConnectLuxe™ was built by a team of experienced leaders to service a need in virtual concierge services.



ConnectLuxe™ delivers dedicated support and training to you and your team.



ConnectLuxe™ continually enhances and adds additional tools to its system over time.

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Great! Support and Special Care

ConnectLuxe™ has tremendous value for operations and management. The virtual concierge can be implemented with minimal amount of work and the management team are great to work with.

Andrew A

- Operations

Great! Support and Special Care

ConnectLuxe™ helps fill a gap in the service industry. There may be systems to manage back office and administration; now there is a great solution for the User Experience to communicate and have access to great concierge tools to manage their life and their services in a community and home.

Lori W

- Management

Great! Support and Special Care

ConnectLuxe™ is an excellent tool to give property managers the ability to communicate with residents and offer communities the added value of having a upscale concierge system with minimal costs, able to access it 24/7, with your computer or mobile device.

Roy F

- Service Provider