Catholic Charities Fundraising

When the water crisis broke in 2016 making international news, Flint was once again struck by another devastating blow in the decline of a once thriving city. In the words of Father Dwight Ezop, Editor of Faith Magazine, ‘When an earthquake destroys a major city, we rally. We don’t blame those caught in the rubble, we help them.  We don’t pull our investment, we rebuild. We don’t judge, we pray. Over the past 30 years, an economic earthquake hit Flint, robbing far too many of hope.  It’s time we rally.’

Catholic Charities has responded to the crisis, now in recovery, with a call to action, following Father Ezop’s rally cry. It is time that we come together in a show of solidarity for our beloved city, stand shoulder to shoulder and help Flint off its knees, brush the dust off and reinvent itself. It’s time to halt the decline and rise again.

The website ( is a forum designed for individuals and businesses who want to show their support for the citizens of Flint and aid in the recovery of the city, most especially the thousands of individuals and families, including the homeless, who are in most need. Your will assist Catholic Charities to provide help, hope and healing to the people of Flint. Meeting the poor, vulnerable and homeless where they are, without judgment, no matter who they are. Catholic Charities provides basic needs such as water, nutritious food, clothing, household linen, and personal care items, in addition to prevention education and outreach services, foster care and adoption services, counselling for a wide range of mental health and substance abuse issues, and basic health services and information.

Thank you for hearing Flint’s cry for help.  Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much. For more information visit

Reposted article from Catholic Charities.