About ConnectLuxe

We provide full virtual concierge system for homes, buildings & communities.

ConnectLuxe is a virtual concierge system designed for Homes, Buildings & Communities. ConnectLuxe™ provides a resident the ability to reserve amenities available, connect with the management, update their contact information, review and download meeting notes, rules & regulations and search for approved experts and businesses within the community.

ConnectLuxe™ creates a simple to use, safe and secure community website, accessible 24/7/365 days from your computer, cell phone or mobile device.

ConnectLuxe™ is a dedicated full service virtual concierge system for your home or community accessible via your computer, tablet or cell phone.

ConnectLuxe™ Virtual Concierge System allows homeowners, communities, and businesses the ability to have VIP Concierge Services accessible 24/7/365 days a year.

Condos and Townhouses
ConnectLuxe™ provides condo and townhouse management companies the ability to connect with their residents and provide concierge services at an affordable cost.
ConnectLuxe™ provides homeowners a virtual concierge service assistant. Homeowners can now order concierge services 24/7 using their computer or mobile device.
Buildings and Apartments
ConnectLuxe™ provides buildings and apartments unparalleled service and concierge tools to help maintain connectivity and an exclusive concierge for residents and owners.
Corporations and Businesses
ConnectLuxe™ gives corporations and businesses exclusive virtual concierge services to their premier clients, extra perks to their workers and to their executive team.

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